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About us

Feltec Refrigeration Systems and Air-Conditioning Company (hereinafter "Feltec") was established in 1999 and is specializing in executing a variety of projects, such as aquariums refrigeration, wine cellars refrigeration, air-conditioning and refrigeration for diverse laboratories (computer, chemistry, biotechnology, etc.), yacht air-conditioning, household (villas and private homes) air-conditioning and refrigeration, as well as in repair services and maintenance in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation fields for a wide range of industries, starting the commercial - food refrigeration rooms (milk/meat) for different shops, industrial, hi-tech, etc. The employees in Feltec are leading engineers, practical engineers, and technicians in their field.

FELTEC's services include:

  • Maintenance and repair services for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems of all types.
  • Installation of air-conditioning systems according to the customers' request.
  • Assembling and installation of refrigeration systems for laboratories and industry to a temperature of -60?C.
  • Planning, assembling and installation of air-conditioning systems according to the customers' request.
  • Installing and maintenance for commercial and industrial refrigerators and coolers.
  • Fluent and preventive maintenance for climate systems.
  • Manufacturing, assembly and design variety of refrigeration, air-conditioning and climate systems, according to personal order, using the spare parts of DANFOSS, ELCO, MANEUROP, ALIWELL, EUROMOTOR, DIXSEL.

FELTEC is a certified distributor of 'Gerstel Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Accessories Ltd.' importer of DANFOSS, MANEUROP, ALIWELL, EUROMOTOR Companies.

FELTEC installs a variety of home air-conditioners in a range of outputs, sizes and features. Commercial air-conditioning systems, such as water based refrigeration systems, air treatment units, packaged units, VRF systems, bellows, etc. Feltec installs refrigerators for salt water pools and fish ponds, suction and ventilation arms for laboratories.

FELTEC executes projects in air-conditioning, water refrigeration systems (chillers), unique refrigeration systems for electric boards and computers drives, driers, air screens, air treatment and filtering units and humidity generators.

FELTEC provides consulting, sale, installation and maintenance services for all types of air-conditioners and refrigeration (chillers) systems, manufactured by the best manufacturers: Electra, Elco, Tadiran, LG, Danfoss, Mitsubishi, Electric, Carrier that manufacture only systems compliant with international standards, such as the German T?V standard, the European CE standard, etc.

FELTEC Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
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